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Fascias, Barge Boards and Soffits

Fascia Boards

SBS Gutters fit all types of fascia boards such as Nutec Fibre Cement Fascia boards, Treated Wood Fascia boards and UPVC Plastic Fascia boards.

Our services extend to the upkeep and repair of fascia boards such as painting fascia boards, varnishing fascia boards and even replacing sections of rotten or old fascia boards. We have a specialist team that can deal with the specialized removal and disposal of asbestos gutters, fascia boards and barge boards.

What is fascia board? Sometimes also called soffit board, fascia is a board running horizontally under a roof edge which covers the openings between the rafters of the roof. Typically consisting of wood, wood substitute (such as Fibre Cement or Nutec), metal or PVC plastic, the fascia board along with the soffit, encloses the roof space of the home. The fascia is commonly used to help hold up, and stabilize gutters.

Fascia board holds your gutters in place and protects the edges of your roof. These areas are exposed to a lot of moisture and over time can start to rot and even fall off. Repairing or replacing rotten fascia wood boards is essential step that many homeowners miss, especially when installing or replacing gutters.

As a direct result, new gutters, which are designed to last for years, start to loosen and eventually dislodge from the rotten fascia. Gutters are crucial to your home as they protect the walls and foundation footing from excessive water.

It is often difficult to tell if the fascia is rotted without first removing the gutter itself.


Our teams are equipped to install all types of Soffit material such as Nutec Fibre Cement Soffit boards, Treated Wood Soffit Boards, UPVC Plastic Soffit boards and Colorbond concealed fixed Soffit boards. Each type of Soffit material has its place to suite a specific budget or application. Services also extend to the maintenance of soffit boards such as Painting Soffit boards, replacing missing cover strips, replacement of soffit boards that have fallen out and the removal/disposal of asbestos soffit boards.

Soffits refer to the material forming a celling from the top section of an exterior wall to the outer edge of the roofline (fascia).

Barge Boards

We replace and fit new barge boards or profiles such as Nutec Fibre Cement Barge boards, Treated Wood Barge boards and UPVC Plastic Barge boards. Maintenance on these types of Barge boards are crucial as they are totally exposed to the elements at all times.

Barge boards can be found at the edge of the roof, where the top of the exterior wall or gable wall meets the roof. A Barge Board is primarily used to improve the aesthetics of the roof. A Barge board is also designed to conceal the exposed end of the horizontal timber structures or purlins which they are attached to.

Should you make use of Treated Wood Barge boards, it is recommended to inspect and maintain the Barge Boards every 2-3 years to avoid costly replacement.

Materials that we use:

  • Nutec Fiber Cement
  • Treated Wood - Pine
  • Treated Wood - Meranti
  • UPVC Plastic
  • Clean Colorbond Steel

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